Your Older Brother's Guide to Dating - 132 Pages

The best dating e-book on dating that there is!


You can purchase a paperback version of my book on Amazon for only $9.95.

This book is for you! My amazing younger brother.

Up until now you might have faced some difficulties in the area of relationships and dating but I am going to help you get things on track. As you read this book, just think of me as your older brother, one who wants to see you succeed in this area and in life. I’m going to share with you everything I’ve learned from years of trial and effort so that your venture into dating and relationships will be as smooth, easy, and rich as possible.

If you haven’t mastered this area of your life yet, or are feeling frustrated, don’t stress, this is where I come in. For a lot of us, our Dads, older brothers, or even the culture we grew up in didn’t teach us how to interact with or bed women, it simply told us that we’re supposed to. This is like giving someone the keys to a car and expecting them to drive flawlessly without any lessons. If everyone learned to drive like that, our streets would be a mess. In like fashion, with marriages at a fifty percent divorce rate in some parts of the world, it’s time we become proficient in this area.

Your Older Brother’s Guide to Dating is 132 pages of solid information and will cover:

• The correct mindset for meeting women

• How to overcome limiting beliefs

• How to look your best so as to attract women

• How to kick approach anxiety’s ass

• What to say when first meeting a woman

• How to keep a conversation going

• How to get a woman’s phone number

• What to text her so that she sees you again

• What the best type of date is

• How to get her over to your place

• How to make her cum! Sex techniques that work!

• My revolutionary method for having lots and lots of sex

• What to do in nightclubs, strip clubs, casinos, and when on vacation

• How to meet women while driving

And much more! I’ve put everything I know into this book so that it will completely transform your life!



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